Yes, Bruce. I’d like to work with you personally in your coaching program to teach me how to Discover My Purpose, Design My Life, and Develop the Unstoppable Motivation to Make It Happen!

This is what I’ll learn in this coaching program:

How to discover a compelling reason to change.

It all starts here. This is my why. It’s what motivates me. It’s the thing that gets me up in the morning.


How to pursue the right dream and goals

I'll learn how to express my compelling reason in a way that will empower me to achieve my goals and fulfill my dream.


How to think critically

The ability to think critically is a lost art. It’s why so many people get caught up with things that don’t matter. I’ll learn how to break free from this trap so that I can spend my time and energy on what’s most important.


How to believe the right things

Beliefs are based on conclusions that I make about my thoughts. They're also the reason why I do what I do. I’ll learn how to evaluate those thoughts so that I believe only those things that support the results that I want.


How to develop the right attitudes and expectations

So many people don’t get the results that they want because their attitudes and expectations are inconsistent with them. I’ll learn how to develop the right ones for me.


How to implement the right actions

Not all activities are equally important. Some don’t matter at all. I’ll learn which ones to do first, and how to decide what to leave out altogether.


How to develop the right habits

Habits are the result of conscious, repetitive action, whether good or bad. I’ll learn about several good ones, and how to develop them.


How to create the right environment

To get the results that I want, I have to create physical, mental, and emotional space. I’ll learn how to do this, even if my work space is very small.


Tactics to Combat Distractions

Distractions can destroy my efforts. I’ll learn how to overcome them so that I can be as productive as I want to.


Tactics to Combat Boredom, Fatigue, and Frustration

Each of these is an enemy with an army. They are fighting for my attention and time. I’ll learn how to defeat them all.


Tactics to Combat Procrastination

What’s always coming, but never gets here? Tomorrow - because when it arrives, then it’s Today. I’ll learn how to overcome this debilitating habit.


Tactics to Combat Fear

Fear sabotages the best intentions. I’ll learn how to get this powerful emotion under control so that I can do my work and get the results that I want.


We’ll meet online four times per month for six months - that’s 24 sessions - so that I can work with you personally to apply what I learn in each of the lessons and get help with the homework.


Here’s what else I’ll get:

  • 12 Homework assignments that will enable me to implement the training
  • Unlimited email access to you for one year, provided that I do the homework
  • Six additional months of 1-Question Coaching
  • Access to the Live Weekly Group Coaching Q & A for two years.
  • Access to all materials on the Psych Hacks website